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SmileMbb focuses on 4G and 5G communications technology, providing IoT products and services of 4G and 5G indoor and outdoor CPE, industrial gateway and portable MiFi.
By Doris He | 20 April 2022 | 0 Comments

How Can I Place An Order?

Firstly, please go through our site and find out what products you would like to order. Then send an email to [email protected], order volume for the products should be mentioned in the email, or contact our customer service online.

 If you have a target price for, you may also show us so that we could evaluate if it is possible to have it done at your expected price. 

We will quote you our CNF or FOB, or EXW price based on the expected purchase volume. 

By mutual confirmation of an order, we will send a proforma invoice that indicates total costs of the order and our bank information. 

Upon receipt of payment, we lanch production and arrange shipment.

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