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We Held the 2021 Year-end Celebration

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The world rejuvenates and all things flourish. On January 23, 2022, Our parent company Guangzhou V-Solution Communications Co., LTD held the Year-end celebration of 2021in Guangzhou Jade Hilton Hotel.



一.Summarize 2021 and Look Forward to 2022

“Gather strength to tackle tough problems and reach a new height”! As the inspiring theme sounded, the annual conference officially began with the raising of the company flag and the singing of the company song. Mr. Welming, chairman and general manager of V-SOL made a speech regarding reviewing the history of the company and looking forward to the development in the future under the cheers. Then, the leaders of all departments summarized the work, expounded the progress and analyzed problems of 2021. The situation of the COVID-19 remains serious throughout 2021 but V-SOL members worked hard and achieved a good result in 2021! Congratulations!



二.Work Together to Make Achievement

1. Year-end summary and goal planning

The annual conference in the afternoon began with an entertainment dance. Chairman Mr. Welming made the year-end summary in 2021, reported target and put forward the sustainable development goals of two increases and two decreases in 2022: Increase order quantity and product quality, decrease customer complaint rate and delayed delivery. Chairman Mr. Welming clearly proposed the fourth three-year plan, it brought a new prospect and vigorous impetus to the development of V-SOL.



2.Awards & Title Appointment Ceremony

After the conclusion, the award and title appointment ceremony officially kicked off! Outstanding staff from different department was awarded the titles of "Excellent Staff", "Excellent Team Leader", "Super Salesman" and so on. There were "Invention Patent Award", "Passion Award", "Morality Award", "Innovative Team Award" and "Responsible Team Award" etc. This award ceremony was an affirmation of their business ability and hard work attitude!


3.Cadre Appointment and Oath

Three generations of V-SOL cadres were awarded the appointment certificate. Under the leadership of chairman Mr. Welming, all of cadres raised their right fist to solemnly take oath. They will firmly adhere to the mission of setting an example, being strict with themselves, pursuing breakthroughs, bravely assuming responsibilities and cooperating. V-SOL cadres will take greater steps towards a higher goal, lead members to make continuous progress and achieve better success in 2022!



3.Sale Writ and Morale Display

Guarantee to accomplish the task! Be sure to accomplish the task! Slogans were deafening and continuous. Leaders and sale elites from the R&D and sale center walked to the stage with firm steps, straight back, determined eyes for morale display and loudly read out their sale goals in 2022. Setting up sale writ and goals without retreat. It shows the determination and perseverance of V-SOL members to bravely overcome difficulties and challenges to achieve their goals!


三.A Grand and Wonderful Dinner Party

1.Charming Talent Show 

With the appearance of three pairs of hosts, the dinner party started! Exciting talent shows followed, rock bands, fashion Hong Kong-style dances, hilarious talk shows and so more. As the atmosphere gradually rose, V-SOL family members enjoyed drinking and chatting happily! The dinner party was full of laughter and laughter.



2.Exciting Red Packet Lucky Draw

Red packet lucky draw activities directly pushed the atmosphere of the party to a climax! Everyone suppressed their restless hearts, held their breath and stared at the lucky winner's name on the big screen. Applause and cheers continued to ripple through the evening party.




2.Birthday Wishes & Happy Events

At the end of the party, the company prepared birthday cakes for the birthday stars in January and February. At the same time, they also sent the most sincere blessings to the members who got married or had baby in 2021.

In 2021, we started second entrepreneurship and set out from the heart, and set up a subsidiary SmileMbb. In 2022, we will gather strength to tackle tough problems and reach a new height! Come on, V-SOL! Come on, SmileMbb!

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